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Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry WIDTH=

Fragaria species


Strawberry is a small plant with a three-leaved growth pattern. It has small, white flowers usually produced during the spring. Its fruit is red and fleshy.

Habitat and Distribution

Strawberries are found in the North Temperate Zone and also in the high mountains of the southern Western Hemisphere. Strawberries prefer open, sunny areas. They are commonly planted.

Edible Parts

The fruit is edible fresh, cooked, or dried. Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C. You can also eat the plant’s leaves or dry them and make a tea with them.


Eat only white-flowering true strawberries. Other similar plants without white flowers can be poisonous.

Steve's notes:

I have tried most other berries that look like wild strawberries, and they don't taste anything like a strawberry. So if you are worried about poisonous look-alikes, let your taste be the final judge.

Tea made from the leaves has been used as a tonic and stomach cleanser.


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