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This section is devoted to improvising survival tools from what ever you have with you, and whatever you can find in the wilderness. Some quick tips are followed by links to the four primary pages. You can also use this link to access the section on Survival Weapons.

Some quick ideas for improvising survival tools:

- Almost anything that holds water can be cooked in, by dropping or holding hot rocks from a fire in the water or soup. (Animal skins, leather coats, containers made of birch bark.)

- Blades can be improvised from broken plastic, glass, a piece of wood sharpened by grinding on a rock, a sharpened clam shell, or by breaking a rock to get a sharp edge.

- A quick spear can be made by sharpening a stick and hardening the point in a fire.

- A rain jacket with the sleeve-ends tied shut, to trap air, can be used as an improvised flotation device for safer river crossings.

- An umbrella can be turned upside down to collect rainwater for drinking.

The survival tools pages:

Survival Cordage and Lashings

Survival Utensils for Eating and Cooking

Survival Clothing

Making a Backpack

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