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Wilderness Survival Guide

Edible Plants | Useful Plants

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The Ultralight Backpacking Site Home Page.

Hiking and Backpacking With a Cell Phone - Some guidelines.

Lighter Backpacking - Get started with this book excerpt.

My Ultralight Backpacking Book - The Introduction and table of contents.

Live Off the Land? - Or at least have some fresh food.

True Childhood Fish Stories - No pole required.

On the Map but Off the Roads - A true story about finding hidden lakes.

My Dream Backpacking List - Under 11 pounds--food and water included

Ultralight Backpacking Gear Videos - Three more good ones.

Cuben Fiber - It is used to make the lightest gear out there.

Backpacking Videos - Three good ones and commentary.

Finding Water - A few tips and a video too.

Ultralight Backpacking Questions - With my answers.

Useful Plants for Backpackers - Examples and an explanation.

Which Backpacking Workout Routine? - Some suggestions.

Two Basic Survival Strategies - Which one should you choose?

The Best Backpack for Ultralight Backpacking - Examples and suggestions.

Cheap Backpacking Gear - Some new ideas to try.

Ultralight Hiking Tips - A collection of techniques and ideas.

Backpacking in Florida - Suggestions and directions.

Travel Backpacks - For routine travel or hiking trips.

How Many Feet Are in a Mile - Measuring distance with time.

Light Hiking in Rainy Weather - Tips and ideas.

Hiking in Colorado - Places and tips for safety.

Wild Camping - Rough and ready.

My 10 Essentials for Hiking - And comments on others' lists.

Best Shoes and Socks for Hiking? - My answers...

Backpacking Hammocks - And other questions and answers.

Summer Hiking Tips - A few good ones...

Tent Camping Tips - For lightweight backpackers.

Luxury Backpacking Supplies - Some ideas.

How to Make a Fire - From your pee?

Ultra Light Backpacking Questions and Answers - Collected from my emails.

Wilderness Survival Camping - Backpacking with a new purpose...

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness - My experiences and tips.

Altoids Survival Kit - Just three ounces total weight.

Backpacking Trails and Destinations - Notes from my experiences.

Backpacking Equipment Q and A - My take on what you need.

Tips on Survival in the Wilderness - Be prepared!

How to Buy a Backpack - A look at the options.

The Long Distance Day Hike - My own experience and advice.

Man Versus Wild - Dangerous Ideas? - Yes, and here's why.

Survival Kits - How to Make Them - Some ideas.

Using Walking Sticks - Does It Save Energy? The scientific evidence.

In Defense of Water Bladders - Another perspective.

High Altitude Brain Damage - How high is too high?

Hammock Camping and Ultralight Backpacking - A true account.

Three Vegetarian Backpacking Recipes - Simple ones.

Vegan Backpacking Food - Some options...

Survival Techniques and Tips - Some good tips here.

Review of the Ribz Frontpack - I used it on an overnight hike/climb.

Gear Testing and Getting Lost - A trip that taught me some lessons.

Overnight Under Twelve Pounds - A packing list for a recent trip.

Games for Backpackers - Five good ones.

Wilderness Survival Shelters - Ten Tips - For wilderness emergency situations.

Winter Fun - Hiking in the Colorado Mountains - A true story.

The Cattail - One of the Most Useful Plants - See why.

Three-Day Wilderness Survival Techniques - It's all about priorities.

New Survival Kit Ideas - The usual and some new ideas.

Cheap Backpacking - Seven Tips - How to backpack on a budget.

A Lightweight Camping Packing List - From a recent trip in June snows.

Backpacking Advice - Keeping it Cheap - Six ways to cut the cost.

How to Prevent Foot Blisters - Ten tips to put to use.

Ultralight Backpacking Equipment - Latest Weights : See what's available now.

Unusual Outdoor Adventures - Homemade rafts, fishing by hand, mine hunting...

My Backpacking Philosophy - Notes from a recent interview.

Think Like a Lightweight Backpacker - Six questions.

Outdoor Survival Tips - Some unusual ones.

Michigan Backpacking - Unknown Places - Time to escape the crowds...

Mosquito Control for Backpackers - Seven tips.

Safe Drinking Water for Backpackers - How to find it or make it.

Medicine Bow - Hiking; Searching for a Plane Crash - Day hike to a high summit.

Backpacking Recipes - No cooking required.

Scrambling - How to do it safely.

Black Bears and Backpackers - Avoiding trouble and dealing with it.

Animal Attacks - How to avoid them and deal with them.

The Mountain Goat and I - He licked my hand...

Outdoor Survival Priorities - In order of importance.

Survival Shelter - Understanding the principles.

Making a Fire Without Matches - It's not as easy as it looks on TV.

Lightweight Hiking Story - In the Colorado Rockies.

How to Make a Raft - An play Tom Sawyer.

Foot Care for Backpackers - Treating common problems.

Survival Foods - The most readily available in emergencies.

A Toothache while Backpacking - What to do.

Wilderness Survival Hunting - It isn't about fancy weapons or trophy kills.

Television for Backpackers - What can a homebound backpacker watch?

Winter Hiking - Lifesaving tips.

Wild Plants You Can Use - Rope, medicine, fire - what do you need?

Survivorman - A review of the program.

Moonlight Hiking - Why moonlight hiking?

New Backpacking Idea - Ideas for products and techniques.

Michigan Outdoors - Hidden Places - Some places you haven't heard about.

Backpack with Wheels - A new invention inspires my own ideas.

Lightweight Backpacks

Lightweight Backpacking Tents - Plus tarps, bivy sacks; advantages of each.

Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Hiking Clothes

Hiking Adventures - Stories.

The Case for Ultralight Backpacking

How to Become an Ultralight Backpacker - Getting started.

Colorado Hiking: - A tarp, a down sleeping bag, and seven days of rain.

Make Your Own Backpacking Clothes - Simple items you can make in minutes.

Ultralight Mountain Hiking - 20,600-foot Mount Chimborazo with only 10 pounds.

California Hiking - Hiking by moonlight; summiting Mount Whitney at dawn.

Ultralight Tents - How to choose.

Lightest Ultralight Backpacks - Under eight ounces.

Lightweight Backpacking - How Much Should You Carry?

My Ultralight Sleeping Bag - It has never left me cold.

My Five Ounce Sleeping Bag - Kept me warm in the forties.

Sleeping Pads for Ultralight Backpackers

Secrets of Staying Warm - Learn to stay warm and carry less.

Ultralight Tarps - Better than tents? Tarps as light as six ounces, and how to use them.

Backpacking Tarps and Bivy Sacks - Make a four-ounce bivy sack.

Bivy Sacks

Ray Jardine and the Ultralight Backpacking Revolution

Lightweight Rainwear

Hiking Shoes Versus Hiking Boots

An Ultralight Backpacking Gear List - The lightest options and where to find them.

Hiking Staffs and Walking Sticks - To use them or not.

Finding a Good Backpacking Stove - A three-ounce stove? A one-ounce stove?

Backpacking Food - What should you bring with you?

Super Ultralight Backpacking Techniques

Dirtbagging - Go light and cheap.

Backpacking List - 3 Days Under Ten Pounds - Packing list for a short trip.

Hiking with Dogs - The pros and cons.

Campfire Cooking - Is it okay to use fires, and what are the advantages?

Ultralight Hiking in Michigan - A trip to test some lightweight equipment and ideas.

North Carolina Hiking - Smoky Mountains with a tarp and down bag in rain and snow.

Climbing Mount Shasta - The first mountain I climbed.

An Ultralight River Rafting Adventure - 60 miles by bicycle, 5 hours on a raft.

You Might Be an Ultralight Backpacker If...

Ten Wilderness Survival Backpacking Tips

Wilderness Survival Kits

Alone in the Wilderness - Why Go Solo?

Edible Wild Berries

Carved Hiking Sticks - DIY

Medicinal Plants for Ultralight Backpacking

Winter Backpacking Skills

Cheap Backpacks

Lightweight Backpacking Gear Ideas

Sleeping Bag Ratings

Wilderness Travel Tips

Inventing Campfire Stories for Children

Tips for Choosing Women's Hiking Boots

Wildlife Photography Made Easy

Backpacking with Children

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