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Portulaca oleracea


This plant grows close to the ground. It is seldom more than a few centimeters tall. Its stems and leaves are fleshy and often tinged with red. It has paddle shaped leaves, 2.5 centimeter or less long, clustered at the tips of the stems.

Its flowers are yellow or pink.

Its seeds are tiny and black.

Habitat and Distribution

It grows in full sun in cultivated fields, field margins, and other weedy areas throughout the world.

Edible Parts

All parts are edible. Wash and boil the plants for a tasty vegetable or eat them raw. Use the seeds as a flour substitute or eat them raw.

Steve's notes:

Purslane is full of vitamins and delicious. It is great when used like lettuce on sandwiches. It is also a common weed, but unfortunately, it is only common near civilized areas, and not in the wilderness.


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