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Persimmon Tree

Diospyros virginiana and other species


These trees have alternate, dark green, elliptic leaves with entire margins. The flowers are inconspicuous. The fruits are orange, have a sticky consistency, and have several seeds.

Habitat and Distribution

The persimmon is a common forest margin tree. It is wide spread in Africa, eastern North America, and the Far East.

Edible Parts

The leaves are a good source of vitamin C. The fruits are edible raw or baked.

To make tea, dry the leaves and soak them in hot water.

You can also eat the roasted seeds.


Some persons are unable to digest persimmon pulp. Unripe persimmons are highly astringent and inedible.

Steve's notes:

Good fruit, but rarely found deep in the wilderness. For this reason, the persimmon isn't an important survival food.


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