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Hemerocallis fulva


This plant has unspotted, tawny blossoms that open for 1 day only. It has long, swordlike, green basal leaves. Its root is a mass of swollen and elongated tubers.

Habitat and Distribution

Daylilies are found worldwide in Tropic and Temperate Zones. They are grown as a vegetable in the Orient and as an ornamental plant elsewhere.

Edible Parts

The young green leaves are edible raw or cooked. Tubers are also edible raw or cooked. You can eat its flowers raw, but they taste better cooked. You can also fry the flowers for storage.


Eating excessive amounts of raw flowers may cause diarrhea.

Steve's notes:

Daylily flowers, even the day-old wilted ones, are great for thickening soups. I once used them in a fish stew, and it was delicious.

Daylilies aren't truly wild plants, but you will find it growing wild in large patches around old buildings, or where they used to be.


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