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(Adapted from the U.S. Army Survival Manual)

The bola is another field-expedient weapon that is easy to make ( Figure 12-7). It is especially effective for capturing running game or low-flying fowl in a flock.

Making Bolas

To use the bola, hold it by the center knot and twirl it above your head. Release the knot so that the bola flies toward your target. When you release the bola, the weighted cords will separate. These cords will wrap around and immobilize the fowl or animal that you hit.

 Steve's Notes: Bolas are one of the easier survival weapons to make, but if you haven't practiced using one before you get into a wilderness survival situation, you may be better off using your energy to collect plant foods, or build signal fires, etc. If you do try it, be aware that you can use heavy chunks of wood for the weights, if that is all that is available.

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