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A Backpacking List: 3 Days Under 10 Pounds


This is a backpacking list for those who go really light. It is just an example of what I typically take on a weekend hike. We are all different in our needs, though, so don't take it as a recommendation. The individual items on the list are discussed on other pages of this site.

The list, with weights:

*GoLite Breeze Backpack: 12 ounces

*Western Mountaineering Bag: 17 ounces

*Integral Designs Tarp: 7 ounces

*GoLite Rain Jacket: 12 ounces

*Groundsheet: 2 ounces

*Sleeping Pad: 4 ounces

*Bathroom Supplies: 3 ounces

*First Aid Kit: 3 ounces

*Knife, Lighter, Etc: 3 ounces

*Hat: 1 ounce

*Gloves: 1 ounce *Poly Vest: 4 ounces

*Socks, 2 pair: 2 ounces

*T-shirt, long sleeve: 6 ounces

*Camera: 5 ounces

*Light: 1 ounce

*Water: 16 ounces

*Raw Sunflower Seeds: 16 ounces

*Fudge-dipped granola bars (8): 16 ounces

*Tortilla Chips: 16 ounces

*Vodka: 2 ounces

*Mental packing list: 0 ounces

TOTAL WEIGHT : 9 pounds, 5 ounces .

All of the items on this three-day backpacking list are discussed elsewhere in the site. You can also review all the ultralight equipment options on the page that covers the lightest backpacking gear.


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