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Why Ultralight Backpacking?

Cottonwood PassWith 15 pounds on your back you can bag that peak and descend by any route--no leaving a heavy backpack at the bottom. That's freedom. Hang your pack from one shoulder and go 20 miles without blisters. That's comfort. Lightweight, ultralight, or whatever you call it, it's the way to go. If you need some convincing, see this page: The Case for Ultralight Backpacking.

Become an Ultralight Backpacker - Start here if you're a traditional backpacker.

Super Ultralight Techniques - My page for extremists.

Hiking Adventures - Climbing glaciers, rafting, sand dune camping and more.

Light, Lighter, Lightest - Some lightweight gear options.

Wilderness Survival Guide - We have 62 pages and more to come!

Edible Plants | Useful Plants - This section has 53 pages!

Featured Pages - News - Tips

Useful Plants for Backpackers - Updated June 2014 - Why do you need to know about wild plants just to go backpacking or adventuring in this age of high-tech gear and lightweight freeze-dried foods? You don't really, but if you do take the time to learn about a few of them you can lighten your pack weight, eat better, and... Continue reading here...

Hiking and Backpacking With a Cell Phone - March 24, 2014 - The last time I hiked to the top of one of the 14ers in Colorado (mountains over 14,000 feet), I arrived to find a dozen people talking on their cell phones. The last time I went camping in Canada with a friend we had our wilderness experience interrupted numerous times by calls from home. I'm not thrilled about the idea of having phones along for a hike or backpacking trip, but this isn't going to be a rant about preserving the silence.... Continue reading here...

Lighter Backpacking - Getting Started - December 2013 - This is chapter two from my book "Ultralight Backpacking Secrets," which is available as an Amazon Kindle e-book... Are you ready for light backpacking? If you typically backpack... Continue reading here...

Hornets - Yellow jackets or hornets can sting repeatedly, unlike bees. They also have a chemical in their venom sac that, when released, causes other hornets to attack. It's released when you crush the insect, so brush them off your body without squashing them, or just move yourself away from them.

Cross Streams Early - The best time to cross a stream is usually in the morning when the water level is the lowest. By afternoon the snow melt from the mountains can swell a stream substantially. If you arrive at a swollen stream late in the day, you may want to camp there and cross early in the morning.

Video: My Water System

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This is just a reminder of what is waiting out there for you...

Mountain Lake along Aster Butte Trail


My Ultralight Backpacking Book - What's in it and where to get it.

Hiking and Backpacking With a Cell Phone - My take on this.

Lighter Backpacking - Read this excerpt from my book.

Live Off the Land? - These aren't skills you need to learn, but...

Ultralight Backpacking Gear Videos - A few good ones.

Cuben Fiber Gear - For the lightest tents, tarps, backpacks and more.

Finding Water - How to find resupply points and use snow.

Ultralight Backpacking Questions - Some good ones, and with my answers.

Useful Plants for Backpackers - Why it helps to learn about a few of them.

Which Backpacking Workout Routine? - A few ideas and my personal favorite.

How Many Feet Are in a Mile - And why you might like to know this.

Two Basic Survival Strategies - Should you stay or should you go?

The Best Backpack - When you want to go really light.

Ultralight Hiking Tips - Day trips and short backpacking trips without the weight.

Backpacking in Florida - A few ideas and one hike with elevation.

Travel Backpacks - Make them carry-on size for easy travel.

Light Hiking in Rainy Weather - How to do it safely.

Hiking in Colorado - Some tips and suggestions based on experience.

10 Essentials for Hiking - My own take on what you need.

Lightweight Equipment - Update on all the latest lightest gear.

Best Socks for Hiking? - My thoughts on light socks for hikers and backpackers.

How to Make a Fire from Urine - Part of my collection of wilderness survival pages.

Luxury Supplies - Comfort and pleasure while keeping it light.

Fire from Urine - My report on the television show Dual Survival.

Altoids Survival Kit - See what I put in mine (a list and two photos).

Long Distance Day Hike - An alternative to backpacking.

High Altitude Brain Damage - The real dangers of altitude...

Three Vegetarian Backpacking Recipes - Easy and cheap.

Vegan Backpacking Food - Easier to find than you might think.

Ribz Frontpack Review - My experience using it on an overnight hike/climb.

Five Games for Backpackers - Including some that weigh nothing.

Wilderness Survival Shelters - Ten tips for wilderness emergencies.

The Cattail - The best of the wild edibles, and useful in other ways too.

Prevent Foot Blisters - Read this before that next long hike.

Unusual Outdoor Adventures - Fishing by hand, searching for lost mines...

Chimborazo: 20,600 Feet: 10 pounds!

Half-Ounce Backpacking Stove!

You Might Be an Ultralight Backpacker If...

Jaguars Ripped My Flesh!

Make a 4-Ounce Insulated Vest

Down the River with an Umbrella

The Mountain Goat and I

Wilderness Survival Camping

Lightweight Gear

Backpacking with Children

GREAT STUFF STEVE!! Thank you. - Kristal

I just finished reading your book and I gotta say...Wow! - Myron G

I have found your book to have excellent advice on ultralight backpacking. I rank this information right up there with Ray Jardine as far as giving advice that is clear, and practical. - John G

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